Bosch Heatpump Install


This Bosch Inverter drive 17.5 Seer Heatpump was install in a newly constructed home, giving the home owner the best value for his money. We expect he will recoup the extra cost of upgrading to this system in only four years. Here is why.

Conventional heatpumps begin loosing efficiency around 32F, and by 10F you are heating almost exclusively with electric backup heat. Not so with Bosch!  This system delivers heat to -5F, with backup electric heat if it REALLY gets cold. These Bosch units are the best bang for your buck in the industry for inverter technology.

The inverter drive compressor allows the system to start up quietly and deliver just what your home needs on a given day. The outdoor unit is so small and quiet, I'd install one outside my bedroom window without a second thought.

Bottom line: Bosch heatpumps save you money each and every day you operate the system, and with a 10 year warranty, you've got lots of time to save! 

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