Bosch Heatpump Replacement

This homeowner made a great choice by upgrading his old system to an inverter drive heatpump. We installed a Bosch 17.5 SEER Heatpump to replace his leaking 12 yr old system. He gained an additional 3.5 SEER efficiency in A/C as well as the low temp heating benefits this system offers.

Do you worry about the electric bill when the weather man says a low of 10F overnight?  Worry no more with this inverter driven system. It delivers heat to -5F, with backup electric heat if it REALLY gets cold. Conventional heatpumps, like the one this system replaced, begin loosing efficiency around 32F, and by 10F this customer would have been heating almost exclusively with electric backup heat. These Bosch units are the best bang for your buck throughout the industry if you're looking for high efficiency inverter technology.

The indoor unit comes standard with a ECM motor for quiet startup and the inverter drive compressor allows the system to run quietly and deliver just what your home needs on a given day. I'd install one outside my bedroom window without a second thought.


Bottom line: Bosch heatpumps save you money each and every day you operate the system, and with a 10 year warranty you've got lots of time to save!

Stuart (3).jpg

Leaking indoor unit prior to replacement

Stuart (1).jpg

New Bosch air handler installed and ready to operate.

Stuart (2).jpg

Outdoor unit on a new pad